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Psychotherapy and Healing

Hi! I'm Priscilla Griffin. LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) and I offer individual, family, and marriage counseling to people of all ages, including adolescents and children. I utilize many different treatment modalities including traditional talk therapy, as well as psycho-spiritual counseling, soul therapy, hypnosis, past life regression therapy, emotional freedom technique, and Reiki. Below is a short explanation of these modalities.


Adult Psychotherapy

I have over 30 years experience working with adults of all ages in all problem areas. I provide individual, couples and family therapy. I do not see people with substance abuse or eating disorders. If you require help with substance abuse or eating disorders, please seek a professional who specializes in that area.


Adolescent Psychotherapy

I currently see adolescents from the ages of 13 to 19 in all problem areas, except substance abuse and eating disorders. Adolescence can be a trying time for the teen-ager and his/her family. Often therapy can make a big difference in how the adolescent feels about him or herself, and their family. Common problems are power struggles with parents, anger, anxiety and depression as well as social stress and school stress. I've been able to help teen-agers perform better in school, get along better with their families and friends, express feelings more appropriately, and have better self-esteem.


Child Psychotherapy

I currently see children ages 4 to l2. Children have their own set of problems including anxiety, depression, poor school performance and acting out behavior. Therapy can help a child learn how to express his/her feelings appropriately and learn strategies to control his/her behavior. Play therapy is often utilized, as well as family therapy and a parenting skills component.


Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

Spirituality is simply a connection to something bigger than ourselves: God or some other higher power. I believe by connecting with this universal life energy, people feel stronger and more supported, and are able to overcome emotional issues more quickly and easily. By combining traditional methods of psychotherapy with spiritual counseling methods, I seek to help clients connect with their own higher power. Working together, we find the most helpful method in making that connection to create loving and supportive changes that are meaningful to you.


Soul Therapy

Soul therapy is the empowerment of the soul, and that empowerment is a very important part of what I do in therapy with clients. Our soul is our core; our true self; the part that is goodness; that part that has always been there, but which we continually deny. This truly loving part of ourselves has infinite potential but is often trampled and cast aside very early in our lives. When parents or any significant person in our lives give us limiting messages, and we believe and internalize them, our soul suffers. We lose sight of our true life purpose.

Empowerment of the soul means tapping into that part which is our true self, to find out who we really are, and to free ourselves of any limitations. We need to learn how to heal the limiting part of ourselves, acknowledge the past hurts, and view them as the life lessons they were meant to be. We then integrate it into our true self, and develop an even more powerful and happier being.



Eriksonian hypnosis is simply a method to relax deep into a state of consciousness in order to see different possibilities, and our own unlimited potential. Clinical hypnosis never takes control away from the client. You'll only go as deeply as you want to. You'll be asked to set your own intention: what is your goal; what do you want to accomplish while in this deep state.

Hypnosis often enables us to reconcile inner conflicts. We want to act a certain way and enjoy a certain life, but something gets in our way. Through the relaxed state of hypnosis we're able to enter a field of consciousness where we can hold both our true self, and what gets in the way of actualizing that true self, at the same time. We are then able to integrate the two conflicting parts. Near the end of the hypnosis, you may be asked to make a simple vow of what you would like to bring back to your life to make it better. One of the most important parts of hypnosis is your ability to find your center, and then realize that you can come back to that center whenever you need to.


Past Life Regression Therapy

Through the use of hypnosis I am able to bring people back in time from their current age, back through the years in this lifetime, through the doorway to past lives. While exploring these past lives we're able to get to the root cause of troubling symptoms such as specific phobias, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and poor sleep. We're able to identify people that are in our current life to past lifetimes, especially the difficult people in our lives. Once we make the connections, and understand the life lesson, the symptoms disappear. The changes in people's lives are incredible.



Reiki is a Japanese technique which uses spiritually guided energy for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. The word Rei as it is used in Reiki is interpreted to mean higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness. The word Ki means life energy. Therefore, Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy that flows through my hands into your energy system while you are on a Reiki table listening to relaxing music and the guided meditation that 1 do during all Reiki sessions. It's a wonderful experience that truly promotes healing of mind, body and soul.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) works with our meridian system; the same way acupuncture does, except without needles! By tapping with our fingers on energy meridian points, we're able to remove emotional blocks that are often the cause of physical problems. EFT has helped with the healing of specific fears, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, panic attacks, and many other areas of concern. Physical healing has included ailments ranging from the common cold to life-debilitating illnesses, from allergies to addictions, and everything in between.

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