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Japa Healing Meditation: FREE
A powerful guided healing meditation in which we focus on ten different words: Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Joy, Jesus, Buddha, God, Unity , Light, and Healing. We then meditate on the space between the words. Within that space between the words we repeat the sound of “ah” , the universal sound in the name of God, raising our vibrational energies to align with those of God, the higher power, universal life energy, or whatever word you want to use to describe that highest power.
Location, dates, and times to be determined soon.

priscilla griffin japa healing meditation

Ego vs. Higher Self Workshop: $30 per person
This workshop's mission is to help people differentiate their ego from their higher self. The workshop will help you identify, and become more aware of your ego voice. The ego voice is that voice within us that gives us negative messages, and blocks us from developing the life we truly desire. I will teach you strategies to detach from your ego, and live your life through your higher consciousness. So if you feel you are not living to your true potential, and you would like a happier, more successful life this is a workshop you want to attend. Contact Priscilla for workshop dates and times.

Empowering Ourselves Workshop: $30 per person
The purpose of the Empowering Ourselves workshop is to teach strategies on how to empower our souls and ourselves. Our soul is that inner most place deep within ourselves, our true self, which has a purpose for being here, and knows that purpose. This workshop focuses on three specific areas: mind , body, and soul. You will learn strategies to clear your body of negative, unwanted energies and to boost positive energy levels. You’ll learn to clear you mind of energy blockages through such avenues as meditation and visualization. And finally, you’ll learn about your soul: What is its purpose? What gift is it bringing? What is your true calling? Contact Priscilla for workshop dates and times.

Connecting To The Angels Workshop: $30 per person
The Connecting to the Angels Workshop is a fun workshop in which you will learn strategies in how to connect to your own guardian angels, and the many other angels and archangels who are always ready and willing to help you. You will learn what the most common blocks are to connecting with the Divine realm, and strategies to remove those blocks. We will also use angel card decks, and learn how to use them. Contact Priscilla for workshop dates and times.

The Mind-Body-Soul Connection Workshop: $30 per person
The Mind-Body-Soul workshop teaches participants the connection between the mind, body and souls. It explores how our thoughts and emotions can create dis-ease in our bodies. You will learn strategies in how to identify these thoughts, and how to change them. Once you’re aware of your dis-ease creating thoughts and where they come from, you are better able to shift them to more health producing thoughts, and over-all better health. Please join me in learning these powerful mind-body-soul healing techniques. Contact Priscilla for workshop dates and times.